Word Warm-ups LogoGood news for Word Warm-ups users! We recently updated the progress graphs to be even more motivational for your students. Click here to download these updated graphs for free!

Why the update? Students are highly motivated by the idea of moving up a level. To boost motivation and thus increase students’ overall progress, we decided to add “levels” to all Word Warm-ups graphs. For instance, students who read their word lists at a rate of 35 – 45 WCPM (words correct per minute) will see that they’ve reached the Rookie level. As students increase their WCPM scores with practice and time, they advance to Captain, Pro, All-Star, Hall-of-Famer, and Legend. Few things are more exciting for students than the idea of reaching the highest level—especially if it earns them a title like Legend!

Enhance your Word Warm-ups program today by downloading and distributing these fun new graphs. Your students will thank you!