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As you prepare to assess students in reading this spring, take a moment to read these wise words from Read Naturally founder, Candyce Ihnot.

It's now well past February, but the remnants of Valentine's Day still linger in my couch cushions. The handmade cards are always my favorite ones to find… especially the ones wishing a "Happy Valantine's Day." I asked my first grader if he knew what makes the word Valentine so hard to spell. He guessed, "Because it's a long word," which is half right. Long words are usually multisyllabic, and multisyllabic words usually have a schwa. The schwa sound—such as the one on the first "e" in Valentine—is notorious for making words difficult to read and spell.

March is National Reading Month, a time to celebrate reading. As a literacy company, reading celebrations are our favorite! In honor of National Reading Month, we polled the Read Naturally staff to find out why they love reading. We hope their responses will inspire you and your students to spend some time enjoying a good book together!  

​​​​​​​Do your students use Word Warm-ups Live to improve their phonics skills? If so, you may have noticed some changes in the program’s appearance and functionality. Here are the exciting updates we’ve recently made to Word Warm-ups Live, our phonics intervention accessible to any student with a Read Live license. 

“Why do you have a level 5.6…What happened to level 5.5?” This question comes into our customer service department fairly frequently, though there’s no official tally. I have actually wondered about this myself! Here is the history on Level 5.6, from one of our original writers:  

Every year since 1987, March has been designated by presidential proclamation as Women’s History Month. This annual celebration of women’s contributions to American history began as Women’s History Week in 1978, and today countries like Canada and Australia also honor women and...

Congrats to our March Star of the Month for the 2023-2024 school year, Kypten! Kypten is a fourth-grade student at Gordon County Schools in Resaca, GA who is making huge strides in reading with confidence! Here is what Kypten's teacher, Mr. Marycz, had to say about him:

Regardless of where kids are on their reading journey, there are countless ways to boost their literacy this spring. Here are some easy ideas for kids to try at home or for teachers to incorporate into the classroom. The free printables in this post will also make a great packet to send home over spring break!

Do you love Read Naturally programs? Leave a review on our website, and we’ll enter you to win a free set of our new GATE+ phonics program! 

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