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In my fourth-grade classroom, I sometimes felt like a circus ringmaster, trying to manage multiple groups of students at different ability levels while making sure that all 24 students were engaged in a productive activity. Anyone who has stepped inside a classroom has seen the evidence of...

After analyzing over 30 years of Read Naturally data, we know this for sure: The more stories students pass, the more they improve. The quickest path to reading competency is to successfully complete as many stories as possible. And yet, you probably have a few students who prefer to work at a leisurely pace--unconcerned with how many stories they're passing each week. How can you motivate these students to pick up the pace?

Do you ever wish you could invite Bill Gates or the late Steve Jobs to your home or school to show you exactly what your computer and its programs are capable of? Sure, it’s all buried in the manuals somewhere, but nothing beats personalized instruction from an expert. The ability to ask your questions, to learn the skills that are most beneficial to you, to discover how a device or program can meet your specific needs—this experience would increase user satisfaction by leaps and bounds.

This is exactly the kind of experience we offer through our personalized training options.

Interpreting winter assessment data will help you determine the best way to support your students. This data tells you who needs an intervention and who is on target. It can also help you set goals for spring.

Congrats to our January Star of the Month for the 2023-2024 school year, Zaid! Zaid is a post-high school student at Lower Moreland High School in Huntingdon Valley, PA. He greatly improved his reading abilities with Read Live and is an inspiration to those around him! Here is what Zaid's teacher, Ms. McCaffrey, had to say about him:

Now that the school year is half over, many teachers wonder if it's too late to begin a Read Live intervention. The answer is no! It's never too late to implement Read Live or to add students to your existing account. Once you've trained students in how to use the program, they will start benefitting right away. They can even continue using the program over the summer.

Read Live includes four programs in one, making it a comprehensive suite to meet your students' reading needs every step of the way. All Read Live subscriptions include complete access to Read Naturally Live, Word Warm-ups Live, One Minute Reader Live, and Read Naturally Live—Español. These programs specifically target phonemic awareness and phonics; fluency; vocabulary; comprehension; independent reading practice; and building reading proficiency in Spanish.

One of the things that sets Read Naturally programs apart is our high-interest, nonfiction stories. Struggling readers need to feel motivated to read, so we try to find unique topics that will hold their interest and spark their curiosity. When we read about the work of the nonprofit APOPO, not only were we inspired by its mission, but we knew we had the makings of a great story. Since then, our Rats to the Rescue story in Read Live and Encore II Level 5.6 has become a crowd favorite.

Make Your Student a STAR!

Read Naturally Star of the Month​Share your student’s success story—nominate him or her for our Star of the Month award. Win a Barnes & Noble gift card for the student and a Read Naturally gift certificate for your class!

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