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Raise your hand if you've ever heard a child joyfully declare, "X is for Xylophone!"?

Welcome to the home stretch! For most schools across the nation, winter break is just a couple days away. We hope your students’ time at home will allow them to get lost in the pages of a book beneath a cozy blanket. Last week’s blog post offers several free activities and ideas to help your students boost their literacy skills at home. Before you send them on their way, we want to reiterate the importance of just one: Reading aloud.

Are you looking for a professional development opportunity that’s practical, applicable, accessible, AND affordable?
Read Naturally is proud to partner with Keys to Literacy to offer a fantastic professional development opportunity for K to Grade 3 educators. Offered this winter and spring, the Keys to Beginning Reading course provides the knowledge needed to teach the components of beginning reading.

Congrats to our December Star of the Month for the 2023-2024 school year, Karlee! Karlee is a 3rd grader at Lead-Deadwood Elementary School in Deadwood, SD. She greatly improved her wpm and is a leader for those around her! Here is what Karlee's teacher, Ms. Hess, had to say about her:

Regardless of where kids are on their reading journey, there are countless ways to incorporate reading into cozy days at home this winter. Here are some easy ideas for kids to try at home or for teachers to incorporate into the classroom. The free printables in this post will also make a great packet to send home over winter break!

In the literacy education landscape, one-minute timings often find themselves at the center of discussion—and sometimes misconception.  

Critics argue that these timings only foster stress and promote speed reading. It’s true that one-minute timings, when introduced without proper framing, can indeed lead to stress or a misguided emphasis on speed. But that isn’t the whole truth. When used in an appropriate way, one-minute timings can be a highly useful tool. 

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