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You pick up a magazine and read an article, start to finish. You put the magazine down and realize you can’t recall anything about the article—not because you couldn't comprehend what you read, but simply because you didn't. This happens to even the most fluent readers. Comprehension may be the purpose of reading, but it’s never a guarantee.

Have you ever looked at your to-do list and wondered when it became so unwieldy? Lists seem to have an affinity for lengthening instead of shortening. It’s true of to-do lists, and it can be true of student lists in Read Live.

New students are added to your Read Live database each year. Additionally, many administrators import their entire student body into the database, even though some students don’t use Read Live. While these features offer convenience, they can also result in excess “clutter” to sort through when working with students or generating student reports. Thankfully, there are quick and easy ways to shorten your student lists to show only the students with whom you are working.

Congratulations to Star Student Saydee P. from Mokelumne Hill, CA! Saydee is a sixth-grade student at Mokelumne Hill Elementary School. Saydee’s teacher, Mary Schoenthaler, had this to say about her:

What makes Sherlock Holmes such a great detective? Many would say it’s his remarkable attention to detail: Holmes doesn’t just climb a set of stairs; he knows exactly how many steps there are. Others would credit his ability to infer: Holmes is a master at interpreting subtle hints. And what about the way he connects information? Holmes can always piece together the clues needed to solve his case.

Make Your Student a STAR!

Read Naturally Star of the Month​Share your student’s success story—nominate him or her for our Star of the Month award. Win a Barnes & Noble gift card for the student and a Read Naturally gift certificate for your class!

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