To advance literacy worldwide over the next decade, what topics do educators need to focus on? The International Literacy Association (ILA) recently put this question out to 1,443 literacy professionals from 65 countries and territories in the 2020 What’s Hot in Literacy survey. With the ultimate goal of better outcomes for students, this reputable report highlights the most critical topics in literacy and identifies areas that need more support. 

The ILA survey found that the variability of teacher knowledge and effectiveness is a key area of concern for literacy professionals. Only 34% of teachers surveyed said their teacher preparation programs equipped them with the skills needed for effective early reading instruction. According to the survey, this lack of teacher preparation creates the number one barrier to equity in literacy education. Click here to read the full report or here to review the key findings.

Read Naturally is committed to breaking this barrier to equity by giving teachers the training, resources, and solutions they need to teach all students to read. We offer high-quality, research-based support for teachers and students in all of the top five critical issues identified by the ILA survey.

Here are the five most critical issues in literacy education today according to the survey respondents, followed by ways in which Read Naturally can help: 

Critical Issue #1. Building Early Literacy Skills Through a Balanced Approach That Combines Both Foundational and Language Comprehension Instruction
Read Naturally is committed to providing teachers with the resources they need to help their students develop foundational reading skills. In our free Foundational Skills webinar, educators learn the predictors of reading success and effective strategies for teaching foundational skills. Comprehension instruction is also a key area we address in all of our trainings and programs.

Critical Issue #2. Determining Effective Instructional Strategies for Struggling Readers
Providing effective instructional strategies for struggling readers is our main priority at Read Naturally. Through many decades of research and working directly with struggling readers, we have identified the best ways to help them succeed. Learn more about research-based instructional strategies here.

Critical Issue #3. Increasing Equity and Opportunity for All Learners
Literacy is a basic human right, which is why we freely share the details of our research-proven strategy for helping students learn to read. Our website offers an abundance of free resources, trainings, webinars, research and more in order to provide educators with the tools they need to help their students succeed. Additionally, our programs focus on all types of learners—students with dyslexia, students learning the English language, students who are blind or visually impaired, young students, old students, and everyone in between.

Critical Issue #4. Increasing Professional Learning and Development Opportunities for Practicing Educators
We offer a wide range of professional development opportunities to fit educators’ varying needs, budgets, and schedules. We work hard to deliver the best professional development in the industry so that every teacher has the potential to brighten the future for countless readers.

Critical Issue #5. Providing Access to High-Quality, Diverse Books and Content
We wholeheartedly agree that all students should have ready access to a diverse library of high-quality reading material. The high-interest, nonfiction content in our materials reflects a variety of cultures and topics, and we work closely with educators to ensure that students are reading appropriate, engaging material at the correct level. We also frequently sponsor contests and giveaways in which we award Barnes & Noble gift cards to hardworking students. 

We hope that you take a look at the 2020 What’s Hot in Literacy report and share the information with your colleagues. If we work together, we believe we can chart a better course for students everywhere. Contact us anytime to let us know how we can support you.