Piper M. is a fourth grader at East Valley Elementary in Yakima, WA. Here is what Piper's teacher, Ms. Desmarais, had to say about her:

"We started Read Naturally with Piper last year. At first, Piper did very well on the program until she got to the timing. She could not get through it. We changed her goal, but she still wasn't where she needed to be. So I brought in a metronome. Now Piper will turn it on, close her eyes and get the rhythm, and once she has the beat, she starts her timing. I am so happy to say that she still uses the metronome and now is finishing in an average of 45-50 seconds! Her confidence has skyrocketed! She is reading so much faster and is able to retell the story almost word for word. Go Piper—no stopping you now!"

Congratulations, Piper! And thank you, Ms. Desmarais, for sharing a creative solution to help with timed readings.

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