Are you looking for a way to quickly and accurately assess your students’ phonics abilities? Look no further than Read Naturally’s Quick Phonics Screener (QPS).

Teachers consistently report that QPS provides highly valuable information through an easy and efficient process. This criterion-referenced assessment is appropriate for kindergartners, adult learners, and all students in between.

Quick Phonics Screener LogoDeveloped by acclaimed reading researcher Dr. Jan Hasbrouck, QPS is a popular and affordable choice for teachers who need robust, easy-to-interpret phonics data. Teachers administer quick, untimed assessments and receive clear information on which phonics skills students have mastered and which skills need additional instruction.

QPS includes three forms: A, B, and C. Each form includes several tasks that measure a student’s ability to recognize, decode, and pronounce the most common phonetic elements. The three forms allow teachers to track progress over time, usually in the fall, winter, and spring. Although QPS is intended as a diagnostic assessment, the three forms also enable teachers to use QPS as a formative or summative assessment if they desire. If used in this capacity, teachers will modify the way in which they interpret and apply the assessment results.

We think you’ll find QPS to be a useful addition to your reading assessment repertoire. Click here for more information on this affordable tool, including sample assessments and scoring sheets. As always, contact us with any questions.