We recently released the latest version of our award-winning One Minute Reader program. Designed specifically for parents to use at home, One Minute Reader is a fun and effective way to develop critical reading skills.

Sign up today and try One Minute Reader free for seven days. Only $8/month after the trial.

This fully independent reading program is perfect for struggling and developing readers of all ages. Working at their own pace in an appropriate level of material, One Minute Reader guides readers through the motivating steps of the program and tracks their progress. Readers develop fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension skills while expanding their knowledge and having fun!

One Minute Reader utilizes the same highly effective instructional strategies that have made the Read Naturally Strategy so successful over the past 30 years. Readers log in to One Minute Reader and select the book and story they want to read. The reader starts with a one-minute Cold Read to establish a baseline score. Then they Read Along with a narrator to learn new words and proper pronunciation, expression, and phrasing. Next is the Read Alone step, which allows the reader to practice independently and master difficult words while improving their understanding of the story. Finally, readers answer Quiz Questions to solve the Joke Jumble.

One Minute Reader includes six reading levels (E-5) ranging from beginning reader through fifth grade. A placement test is available to help determine the right content level for each reader. Each level contains six books built around interesting themes like: Athletes, Inventions, Animal Heroes, Great Games, and more!

Audio support guides the reader through the steps. Readers earn points to motivate them as they move through the process and complete various activities. At the end of each story, a summary report is provided showing how much improvement was made and how well the reader answered the quiz questions. Book Summary reports are also provided when all the stories in a book are complete.

Developing readers need more than just books. They need structured support, motivation, and FUN! They need One Minute Reader. Learn more and start your 7-day FREE trial!