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Troubleshooting Google Login IDs in Read Live

A student’s saved email address in Read Live needs to match the one used for that student’s Google login. When students have trouble logging into Read Live using their Google IDs, you should review the email address associated with their student account. Once the Enable Google login for students setting is turned on for your account, you can review student email addresses in the Staff Member Module.

If Read Live cannot find a match for the Google ID a student is using, the student can still log in using their Read Live User ID and password instead.

To review student email addresses in the Staff Member Module:

  1. Open the Student Setup page.
    Whenever Google login is enabled for your account, the list of students on the page includes an email column. Each student’s address in the Read Live system is displayed.
  2. Click on an individual student’s last name to review all the student’s login information.
    The student’s User ID, password, and email address are displayed together on the Student Details page under Student Login Info.
  3. Correct or add student email addresses through the Read Live Import process.
    The student email field cannot be manually edited.
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