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Turning on Google Login for an account's students

Account Administrators in Read Live can set up their account to allow Google login by students. Doing so will let students use Read Live without entering a User ID and password each time they open the application. 

Note: This feature is designed for schools using G Suite for Education. If your school does not use G Suite for Education, this feature will not be of benefit to you.

To enable Google login for your students:

First, turn on Google login for the account:

  1. In the Staff Member Module, go to Account & School Administration.
  2. On the left side of the page, select the Enable Google login for students checkbox.
  3. Click the Save button.

Second, import unique email addresses for students in your account who will use Google login. 

  1. Prepare an import file including the students who need to log in using Google IDs.
    You can either import new students or update existing students through Read Live’s import process. See Importing Student Data for detailed instructions on preparing an import file.
    • If you are using Read Live’s .csv import format to import students for a single school, add a Student Email column in your file. The extra column can be anywhere in the import file. For each student, it should include the email address associated with the student’s Google login.
    • If you are using the One Roster (v1.1) format to import students, the existing email field in users.csv should include the address associated with each student’s Google ID.
  2. Complete the Read Live import process. Your import will be completed overnight. After it is done, students will be able to log in using their Google IDs.

Third, provide students with a link they can use to log in:

Students need to use a special address to access Read Live using a Google login. That address is:

Schools can deliver this address to students in a variety of ways. For example, they can include the link on a Classroom page within a Google Classroom, and then invite students to that Classroom. They could also make a bookmark for students to use in their browsers, or include the link on a school website.

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