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The Read Live Help page is designed to help Read Live users be successful. The main section includes how-to videos that guide you through important steps for setting up Read Live and working with students in Read Naturally Live and Word Warm-ups Live. Additional resources, job aids, webinar recordings, and other training options can also be found here.

pointer​  Orientation to Read Live

This short video provides a quick introduction to Read Live. It shows how to log in, find your assigned role, navigate to key pages, filter lists to show just the students you want to work with, select students from a list, and how to access Help.

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pointer Watch the "Orientation to Read Live" video on YouTube

Setting Up Read Live

pointer​  Setting Up an Account

This video demonstrates how an account administrator logs in to Read Live the first time, adds and reserves licenses for schools, adds staff members, imports student data, and assigns licenses and lead teachers to students.

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pointer Watch the "Setting Up an Account" video on YouTube

pointer  Importing Student Data into a New Account

pointer  Updating Student Data with the Import Feature

pointer  Assigning Licenses to Schools and Students

pointer  Setting Up and Licensing Students

pointer  Setting Up My Groups

Working with Students in Read Naturally Live

pointer  Placing Students Without Phonics Needs

This video explains how to place a student in Read Naturally Live with an appropriate series, level, and goal when the student needs to improve reading fluency but does not need phonics instruction.

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pointer Watch the "Placing Students Without Phonics Needs " video on YouTube

pointer  Placing Students with Phonics Needs

pointer  Working Through a Story in Read Naturally Live 

pointer  Special Features of Phonics Stories

pointer  Options for Students Who Do Not Pass a Story

pointer  Setting Story Options

pointer  Monitoring Student Performance

pointer  Distance Learning Features

Working with Students in Word Warm-ups Live

pointer  Assessing Phonics Needs

This video explains how to conduct a Word Warm-ups Live phonics assessment to identify a student's earliest phonics needs. This helps you determine whether Word Warm-ups Live or the Read Naturally Live Phonics series is best suited for a student and where to place a student who is assigned Word Warm-ups Live.

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pointer Watch the "Assessing Phonics Needs" video on YouTube

pointer  Determining a Phonics Intervention

pointer  Working Through a Word-List Exercise

pointer  Working Through a Story Exercise

Working with Students in One Minute Reader Live

pointer  Working Through a Story in One Minute Reader Live

In this video, Educator Sarah Jane Schonour demonstrates the One Minute Reader Live program, including logging in, selecting a story, working through the guided steps, and viewing the results.

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pointer Watch the "Working Through a Story" video on YouTube


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