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Read Naturally Live Checking Initial Placement Report

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Proper placement is critical to student success. You can accelerate a student's achievement by placing a student appropriately and then checking that placement. If you need help checking initial placement:

  • First, use Read Naturally Live's built-in placement test. 
  • Then, after most of your students have completed the first three to six stories, order the Read Naturally Live Checking Initial Placement report*.

The Read Naturally Live Checking Initial Placement report will help you to determine if the student's initial level and goal are appropriate or if you should adjust either the level or the goal.

This report is for one program teacher and should be run after students have completed about three to six stories in the placement level. Order additional reports if more program teachers in the district would like to see this report for their students.

*By purchasing the Checking Initial Placement Report, you authorize Read Naturally to access the student data in your Read Live account, use that data to compile the report, and transmit the finished report to you electronically.

The Read Naturally Live Checking Initial Placement report clarifies the process for checking initial placement using your students' Read Naturally Live data. This report provides:

  • The specific student data used to check the initial level and the initial goal.
  • Color coding to show whether the data for each student:
    • Is above, below or within the recommendations for Initial Placement Criteria.
    • Indicates the level or the goal is appropriate, too easy, or too difficult.
  • The suggested adjustment for each student's level and/or goal if a more appropriate placement is recommended.

Read Naturally Live Checking Initial Placement report provides level and goal suggestions for the students of one program teacher.

The Read Naturally Live Checking Initial Placement report includes:

  • Analysis of students who have completed up to 12 stories.
  • Listing of students who have currently completed only one or two stories and will need initial placement checked after completing at least three stories.
    ​Use what you learn from the student examples in this report and the Checking Initial Placement document to check the initial placement of other students when they have completed at least three stories.

The report does not include students who have completed stories in more than one level or have completed more than 12 stories in the first level.

You also receive:

  • An extensive Report Key with more information about checking initial placement.
  • A copy of the Read Naturally Live Students At-a-Glance report used to generate the Data Analysis report.
  • A Checking Initial Placement document with guidelines for checking initial placement manually.

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Skill Level: Grades 1‒8
Intervention Range: Beginning Reader to Adult

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