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Rhyme Time Card Game

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​Challenging Rhyming Words

Rhyme Time is similar to Go Fish. Players try to collect sets of four cards with words that rhyme.

Students should play this game with a proficient reader (parent, teacher, or peer) who can subtly correct errors and provide the word again when a student struggles.

  1. Deal seven cards to each player. Keep the remaining cards in a draw pile, face down.
  2. On each player's turn, he or she asks any other player if he or she has a word that rhymes with one of his cards. 
    • If the other player has cards that rhyme, he or she must give all cards with rhyming words to the player who asked. The player's turn continues, and he or she can again ask a player for cards that rhyme.
    • If the other player has no cards that rhyme, the player’s turn is over and he or she picks up a card from the draw pile.
  3. When a player collects all four rhyming cards in a set, he or she lays down the set on the table, and his or her turn continues.
  4. The cards with pictures of the Rhyme Time character are wild cards and can be used to complete any set. If a player later picks up the actual rhyming card for a set, he or she can add it to the set and return the wild card to his or her hand.
  5. If a player is left with no cards in his or her hand, he or she can take seven new cards from the draw pile.
  6. Play continues until all of the sets have been completed. The player with the most sets wins. 

Each Rhyme Time card deck includes:

  • 52 durable playing cards (3.5 by 2.5 inches/89 by 63.5 mm), printed in rich color on top-grade card stock
  • Clear plastic case
  • Instruction card

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