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Accelerate Student Progress and Maximize Your Investment in Read Live

To maximize results, Read Naturally offers a remote data-analysis service for educators who work directly with students enrolled in Read Naturally Live. A Read Naturally consultant will review your student data (from the Students At-a-Glance Report) and create a Read Naturally Live Data Analysis Report that evaluates the data for each student. Two Data Analysis Reports are completed on your students - each evaluation is done at a strategic point for your students in the school year.

The Data Analysis Report either confirms that each student is in an appropriate level and working toward an appropriate goal, or recommends a specific change in level and/or goal. If the student data indicates other changes are needed, the Data Analysis Report also includes suggestions for customizing Read Naturally Live to maximize its effectiveness for individual students.

The steps to accelerating student performance through data analysis include:

  • Completing the free Read Naturally Live Online Course
  • Comparing your first Read Naturally Live Data Analysis Report to your corresponding Students At-a-Glance Report. The first Data Analysis Report helps you better understand how to analyze your student data on the Students At-a-Glance Report.
  • Implementing additional suggestions for refinement from the first Data-Analysis Report.
  • Continuing to analyze your Students At-a-Glance Report on a regular basis. This helps you make appropriate instructional decisions based on student data.
  • Using your second Data Analysis Report to validate the adjustments you have been making.
  • Implementing additional suggestions for refinement from the second Data-Analysis Report.

By purchasing the Data Analysis Reports, you authorize Read Naturally to access the student data in your Read Live account, use that data to compile the report and transmit the finished report to you electronically.

Two evaluations of your student data are completed, each at a strategic point in the school year.

Read Naturally Live Data Analysis Report - Checking Initial Placement (3rd to 4th week):
  • Confirms which students are placed appropriately.
  • Indicates students whose placements may need adjustment and recommends specific changes in level or goal.
  • Helps to refine fidelity of implementation based on analysis of student data.
Read Naturally Live Data Analysis Report - Monitoring Performance (12th to 16th week):
  • Confirms which students' levels and goals are appropriate for maximum progress.
  • Identifies students whose goals (and occasionally levels) may need adjustment to accelerate progress.
  • Indicates which students are not achieving expected performance and suggests changes in goals, story options, or instructional strategies.
  • Provides ongoing insight into fidelity of implementation based on analysis of student data.
The Read Naturally Live Data Analysis Reports:
  • Provide examples of how to review and analyze student data.
  • Help teachers understand how to accelerate student progress by making appropriate changes in goal, level story options, or instructional strategies in response to data.
  • Show how student data can affirm effective implementation of Read Naturally Live.
  • Provide troubleshooting tips for common problems identified through data analysis.
  • Reinforce the importance of the critical elements of the Read Naturally Strategy that result in maximum student progress.
  • Build site capacity for analyzing data in order to increase student achievement through program adjustments.

You receive two evaluations of your student data, each at a strategic point in the school year. 

Read Naturally Data Analysis Report: Checking Initial Placement:
  • Created when most students have completed at least three stories (3rd to 4th week).
  • Confirms placement or provides recommendations for adjusting initial levels and/or goals.
  • Focuses on analyzing data to better implement Read Naturally Live with fidelity.
Read Naturally Data Analysis Report: Monitoring Student Performance:
  • Created after students have completed significantly more than three stories (12th to 16th week).
  • Monitors student performance and makes recommendations to accelerate student progress.
  • Continues to monitor implementation fidelity of Read Naturally Live as shown by data.
  • Highlights program features to differentiate instruction and support student achievement.
Both reports include:
  • The specific student data used to check the level and the goal.
  • The suggested adjustment for each student's level and/or goal if a more appropriate level or goal is recommended.
  • Instructional-strategy suggestions that may help to address red flags in student data.
  • A report key that includes:
    • Lists of things to consider about the data or the recommendation.
    • Procedures for changing the level.
    • Level considerations when using the Phonics series.
    • Initial placement criteria.
    • Expectations for student progress for the year.
  • A Troubleshooting Table listing possible causes and solutions when student data indicates a need for change.

To effectively implement Read Naturally Live, teachers need two kinds of professional development—Read Naturally Strategy training and hands-on training for the Read Live software.

Prerequisite 1: Read Naturally Strategy Training

Read Naturally Strategy training provides the information and skills necessary to accelerate the reading achievement of each student. Educators will learn how to:

  • Identify the students who need the program.
  • Place students using the built-in placement test.
  • Monitor student performance.
  • Make changes to accelerate student progress.
  • Understand the critical elements of the Read Naturally Strategy that result in maximum student progress.

These are your options for Read Naturally Strategy training:

Prerequisite 2: Read Live Hands-On Training

Read Naturally hands-on training provides step-by-step instructions for how to use the software and illustrates the tasks and training concepts of Read Naturally Live.
pointer​ Learn more about Read Live Hands-On Training

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