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One Minute Reader® iPad App

iPad App

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  • Fluency

Additional Support:
  • Vocabulary
  • Comprehension

Skill Level: Grade 1 to 5
Intervention Range: Beginning Reader to Adult

Turn ordinary independent reading time into an exciting reading experience with real results. Read Naturally's One Minute Reader iPad App energizes students with exciting, short passages and cool progress graphs that students will want to show off. One Minute Reader utilizes the research-based Read Naturally Strategy to improve fluency, comprehension, and vocabulary.

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The award-winning One Minute Reader App provides...

  • An engaging, structured reading app using game-based technology.
  • Built‐in accountability for independent reading in school or at home.
  • Opportunities for students to email results to teachers or family.
  • Motivating, leveled, informational text for reluctant readers.
  • Additional practice for students using Read Naturally Live or Read Naturally Encore.
  • Challenging reading material for young, advanced readers. 


  • Use innovative technology to improve fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.
  • Expand knowledge base through reading nonfiction text.
  • Earn points for effort and performance.
  • Gain confidence by monitoring progress with computer-generated graphs.
  • Utilize audio support to learn words and improve expression.
  • Experience success and an improved attitude toward reading.

The One Minute Reader reading fluency app for the iPad accelerates reading achievement by combining the research-proven components of the Read Naturally Strategy: teacher modeling, repeated reading, and progress monitoring. The reader works at his or her own pace in an appropriate level of material. This motivating app guides the reader through the steps. The reader masters a story by reading along with audio and then practicing the story until he or she can read it fluently and with comprehension. The program automatically tracks the reader's progress. The reader can print or email the story, the Story Summary (results from the story), and/or the Book Summary (results from the whole book).

pointer Research basis for the Read Naturally Strategy

Steps for the One Minute Reader reading fluency app

One Minute Reader iPad App Steps
  1. Select Story (Get Ready to Read)
    The reader taps the story he or she wants to read and thinks about what he or she might learn from it. Choosing the story deepens the reader’s investment in the material, and thinking of a prediction prepares the reader's mind for reading the story.
  2. Cold Read
    The reader reads the story for one minute and then taps the last word read when the bell sounds. A graph displays the reader’s cold-timing score, establishing a baseline for progress monitoring, the component of the Read Naturally Strategy that motivates the reader to improve.
  3. Read Along
    The reader reads along quietly with a recording of the story, typically three times. This step is the teacher-modeling component of the Read Naturally Strategy, which helps the reader learn new words and master others as well as learn proper pronunciation, expression, and phrasing.
  4. Read Alone
    The reader practices reading the story without audio support until able to read it accurately and with expression. This step is the repeated-reading component of the Read Naturally Strategy, which helps the reader improve fluency, master difficult words, and understand the story.
  5. Quick Quiz
    The reader answers questions about the story. Responding to the text holds the reader accountable for meaning, develops the ability to answer many types of questions, and provides information about how well the reader comprehends the story. The correct answers to the questions help to solve the book’s Joke Jumble.
  6. Story Summary 
    The reader reviews the results from completing the story, including a graph that shows how much the reader has improved since the cold read. 
  7. Crossword:
    The reader solves as many of the clues of the book's crossword puzzles as he or she wants to or is able to before moving on to the next story or book.

One Minute Reader for the iPad has six apps: one for each reading level E through 5. Each app includes eight books with five nonfiction stories per book. The automated steps of the app are built around teacher modeling, repeated reading, and progress monitoring. 


Early first-grade reading level.

Stories consist of a few short, simple sentences with several words repeated.


Middle first-grade reading level.

Stories consist of a few short, simple sentences with very few difficult words.


Middle second-grade reading level.

Stories consist of simple sentences with a few difficult words.


Middle third-grade reading level.

Stories consist of longer sentences with several difficult words.


Middle fourth-grade reading level.

Stories consist of some complex sentences with more difficult words.


Middle fifth-grade reading level.

Stories consist of complex text with more advanced concepts.

The prices are per level app, and a volume discount is available for purchases of 20+ copies of the same level.

A free One Minute Reader App with six sample stories and a built-in placement program is available. Teachers select the appropriate level(s) for their students.

LEVEL APP (eight books per app)

Five leveled, nonfiction stories per book include:
  • Bold-faced and clickable vocabulary words.
  • Quiz questions.
Audio support includes:
  • Instructions.
  • Three recordings of each story.
  • Signals indicating correct or incorrect responses.
  • Vocabulary word definitions.
Additional activities include:
  • Fun Facts.
  • Crossword puzzles.
  • Joke Jumble.
Computerized scoring includes:
  • Automated correction of multiple-choice questions.
  • Calculation of fluency and comprehension scores.
  • Points earned for completing activities.
  • Graphing and reporting of performance.


The free version of the One Minute Reader App is available for home use and includes one story from each of the six levels (E through 5). Parents may purchase additional books of five stories each.

One Minute Reader website

You can purchase and download the One Minute Reader iPad apps from the iTunes App Store. The following One Minute Reader apps are available.

Free One Minute Reader App

Includes one story from each of the six One Minute Reader levels, from early first grade through middle fifth grade, plus a built-in placement program. Additional books of five stories each are available via in-app purchase.
Size: 29.1 MB
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One Minute Reader Level E Bundle, $19.99

Includes eight books of five stories each (40 stories total), all written at an early first-grade reading level.
Size: 62.3MB
pointer Learn more about the Level E Bundle App

One Minute Reader Level 1 Bundle, $19.99

Includes eight books of five stories each (40 stories total), all written at a middle first-grade reading level.
Size: 79.1 MB
pointer Learn more about the Level 1 Bundle App

One Minute Reader Level 2 Bundle, $19.99

Includes eight books of five stories each (40 stories total), all written at a middle second-grade reading level.
Size: 92.8 MB
pointer Learn more about the Level 2 Bundle App

One Minute Reader Level 3 Bundle, $19.99

Includes eight books of five stories each (40 stories total), all written at a middle third-grade reading level.
Size: 95.8 MB
pointer Learn more about the Level 3 Bundle App

One Minute Reader Level 4 Bundle, $19.99

Includes eight books of five stories each (40 stories total), all written at a middle fourth-grade reading level.
Size: 96.1 MB
pointer Learn more about the Level 4 Bundle App

One Minute Reader Level 5 Bundle, $19.99

Includes eight books of five stories each (40 stories total), all written at a middle fifth-grade reading level. 
Size: 99.0 MB
pointer Learn more about the Level 5 Bundle App

What Customers Say About the One Minute Reader iPad App

"My son is dyslexic, and he loves the One Minute Reader program. The stories are topics that really interest him. It only takes a few minutes each day, and I have seen a significant improvement in his reading skills in just five months."
— Patricia

"My son actually begs me to use this program—he thinks it's fun to try to beat his score each time. He's having such a good time that he doesn't realize how much he's learning. It makes learning to read fun, which keeps him interested."
— Lori

Customer Reviews

Dec 16, 2016


One Minute Reader apps are engaging for students. IT allows students choice and provides for one on one interactions between student and teacher while others practice.


Nov 1, 2016


One Minute Reader iPad App is so motivating and fun for students working on improving their fluency. I've used it at school and at home with grandchildren. It's definitely deserving of the multiple awards it's received!


Jun 14, 2016


Our now 8 year old mildly dyslexic daughter loves this reading app. She will read for up to an hour on it, which has never been the case before! Her reading skills and test scores have increased dramatically over the past 6 months of using this app. I hope there are additional books in the works, as she has finished the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and almost 5th grade levels!


Apr 12, 2016


I can't believe how much this program is helping my 7 year old. She was a reluctant reader. This is how it was: After carefully reading the benefits of re-reading the same passage for fluency I attempted to do this with my child. However, she would complain incessantly that it was boring reading and listening to same reading over and over again. She gave me such a hard time and we did not make much progress in her fluency. However, we just completed the first 5 books readings of level 1. She is so eager to see her score and how much she improves with each reading that she is willing to read as many times as needed. Not only that, but she is also correcting herself something she refused to do before. Her fluency has improved a great deal in a very short. I am truly amazed. I know I will use all levels available. Even my 6th grader whom I know does not need it, is eager to see how he scores. Thank you so much. Also, the material is very interesting to read as well.


Jan 15, 2016


My daughter LOVES this program - it is amazing! In the last few months she has improved her reading skills tremendously. The stories are interesting and short enough to keep her interested. Thank you!


Dec 17, 2015


It used to be a chore to get my son to read to me...he absolutely LOVES this program. The competition with himself to beat his cold score is pretty awesome and really motivates him. Such a fun learning tool, thank you!


Feb 12, 2015


As a Speech-Language Pathologist, I work with many children who are struggling with reading skills. These children are often aware that reading is difficult for them and actively resist activities involving books. One Minute Reader has been an incredible resource for all of us. The children are highly-motivated by the stories. They love seeing their scores increase with practice. Something about having the stories presented on the iPad is more engaging and interactive for most children. I am thankful for a variety of stories that are at appropriate reading levels for different children. The vocabulary words and reading comprehension questions are excellent additions to therapy. It is also a huge time saver to not have to physically calculate words per minute. I use this app on a daily basis and am beginning to see real gains with some children. Thank you for creating such an amazing app!


Nov 21, 2014

Thanks for adding the new books. So many great stories!

Aug 6, 2014

I used the free version with my class of boys who struggle with reading. They love it! They compete. I will certainly buy the full version.
TJ Ihnot, Marketing at Read Naturally Feb 22, 2015

Thanks for your interest, Jewell! The free version of the One Minute Reader App is available on iTunes here. This version includes a sample story from each of the six levels.

Jewell McMullen Feb 22, 2015

Please shasre the free version with me. How can I pull this up? Please reply.

May 26, 2014

I have used OMR iPad App with my grandson who is 6 years old. He loves the stories! He has improved his reading fluency through the use of the provided audio read-along. It's a win-win! Thanks, Read Naturally!

May 7, 2014

I have two boys, ages 5 and 8. They both LOVE the One Minute Reader! It's really helped the Kindergartener build his reading skills. They both really enjoy the competitive aspect of it. We set a goal for how much higher the hot read should be then the cold read. They love it when they beat their goal. They have been really happy with the book selection as well. So glad that we found this wonderful app.

May 6, 2014

My students are very motivated by Read Naturally materials. We are also using the One Minute Readers on the ipad!! Great motivator and we are having great success! The RN training's have been wonderful. If I had to use only one reading program for my intervention students, these would be the products!

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