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Read Live: No story text displayed for placement test


You are logged in to the Read Live teacher module and attempted to conduct a Read Naturally Live placement test, but no story text is displayed, just the story title.

Note: When you log in to the teacher module, you may see a warning message that “Adobe Flash Player is required to use Read Live” with instructions for downloading Flash Player. Although you need Flash Player to display the placement and benchmark assessment passages, installing Flash Player alone will not resolve this problem. You must enable Flash Player in the web browser you are using for Read Live by following the instructions listed below.

The Read Live teacher module still requires Adobe Flash Player to display story text for Read Naturally Live placement tests. 


If you are placing a student for the first time, one good option is to run the placement test from the Student module, which does not use Flash. To do this, on the Read Live home page, click Student.  Ask the student to log in. If the student has not already been assigned a series, level, and goal, the software will display a "Placement Required" message. Click the yellow Conduct Placement button in the page header and enter your teacher credentials. From there, you can test the student for placement.

If the student has already been assigned a series, level and goal in Read Naturally Live, you must configure your web browser to enable Flash Player in order for the story text to appear in the Staff Member module. Click one of the following links for instructions to enable Flash player in the web browser you are using for Read Live:


Please let us know what questions you have so we can assist. For Technical Support, please call us or submit a software support request.

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