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RFBA: Can't view detail reports for individual students


With Internet Explorer 7 (IE 7) set as your default web browser, you view the Oral Reading Results Report for a Grade and then click on a student's name in the Fluency Summary section. The student's Oral Reading Details Report should display, but nothing happens.

Probable Cause:

This problem affects only RFBA users with IE 7 set as their default web browser. The RFBA reports do not access the Internet, but the computer's default web browser is used to view the RFBA reports. IE 7 does not support the link from the Oral Reading Results Report for a Grade to the Oral Reading Details Report for a Student.

Note that if an assessment is not yet recorded for a student, no Details Report is created for the student, so clicking on that student's name has no effect, regardless of which browser you are using.


At this time, there is no solution for this problem, only the following suggested workarounds:

  • You can view the student report by manually opening a file named StudentDetail.html in your web browser. The file is typically in the following location: C:\Program Files\RFBA\Data\RFMReports\
    Year_2006-2007\Teacher_lastName_firstName\ 123_studentLastName_studentFirstName\StudentDetail.html

    The year, teacher's name, and student's name will vary, but the student report is always named StudentDetail.html.
    To quickly access the year folder, we recommend that you create a shortcut to the RFMReports folder and place it on your desktop. RFBA must be running in order to see the year folder, as it is a temporary folder and is deleted once you leave the Reports window in RFBA. To create the shortcut, open the C:\Program Files\RFBA\Data folder, right-click the RFMReports folder, and choose Create Shortcut. The shortcut should appear as a folder with a small arrow in the lower left corner. Copy the shortcut and paste it on your desktop.
  • You can uninstall IE 7, which automatically reverts Internet Explorer back to IE 6. The report links work correctly in IE 6.
  • You can set another web browser (for example, Mozilla Firefox) as your default web browser.

Please let us know what questions you have so we can assist. For Technical Support, please call us or submit a software support request.

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