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SE v2.1: Support has been discontinued as of 10/31/2016


Effective immediately, access to Read Naturally basic and deluxe technical support has been discontinued for Read Naturally Software Edition (SE). This includes all versions of Read Naturally SE (Network Plus, District Server Licenses, School Server Licenses, and Stand-Alone). This notice does not include any change in support for Read Naturally Live (the web-based version).

Note: Your product may continue to work for you but basic or deluxe technical support is not available and no software upgrades will occur. The Read Naturally website still contains many resources to help with operation of Read Naturally Software Edition (Knowledgebase, FAQs, Manuals, and documentation).

What service discontinuation means

Read Naturally has discontinued phone technical support, email technical support, and all software updates for Read Naturally Software Edition. If you do not make use of technical support and are satisfied with the operation of your current version of Read Naturally Software Edition, you may continue to use it.

If you are affected by discontinuation of support and want to maintain access to live technical support and software upgrades, you will need to transition to Read Naturally Live as soon as possible.

pointer​ Learn more about Read Naturally Live


Please let us know what questions you have so we can assist. For Technical Support, please call us or submit a software support request.

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