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Adjusting Levels and Goals

  1. How do I make sure the student is in an appropriate level with an appropriate goal?

1. How do I make sure the student is in an appropriate level with an appropriate goal?

It is essential that students using Read Naturally work in the level of material that both challenges them and allows them to succeed. Students also need a goal that motivates them to strive to meet the goal rate with expression and understanding.

After a student has completed three to six stories, check the student's initial placement (see the links below) and adjust the student's level if necessary. If the student's level needs to be changed, set a new goal by adding 30 (grades four and below) or 40 (grades 5 and above) to the first cold-timing score in the new level. If the student's level is already appropriate, check the initial goal to see if it's appropriate or needs adjustment.

Once the student's level placement is appropriate, the student should remain in that level for at least 12 stories, but likely for 24 stories. As the student completes more stories, you will usually increase the challenge for the student by adjusting the goal. Occasionally, you may decide to raise the level after twelve stories. However, keep the student's long term benchmark fluency goal in mind:

The student is able to read unpracticed, grade-level passages at, near, or above the 50th percentile on national norms.

Continuously observe each student to know when to change the student's goal. Consider raising the goal when one or more of the following descriptions apply to the student:

  • Average cold-timing score constantly increases.
  • Average hot-timing score surpasses the goal by ten or more.
  • Needs to read along only once or twice.
  • Needs to practice a story only three or fewer times.
  • Begins to show signs of boredom.
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