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Video: Read Naturally SE: Placing students (2252 Views)
This video explains how to place a student correctly in Read Naturally Software Edition. When you place a student, you choose an instructional level, set a reading-rate goal, and choose a curriculum that is appropriate for him or her.
Video: Read Naturally SE: Getting around (837 Views)
This video explains the basic layout of Read Naturally Software Edition. It explains the basic layout of both Teacher Management and Student Stories.
Video: Read Naturally SE: Working through a story (2133 Views)
This video explains the steps a student follows in a Read Naturally Software Edition program. The core steps of the program implement the powerful strategies of teacher modeling, repeated reading, and progress monitoring to develop fluency. Other steps improve vocabulary and promote comprehension.

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Webinar Video: Reading for meaning—fluently (576 Views)
Learn the importance of fluency in attaining literacy and how the research-based Read Naturally Strategy improves fluency in developing and struggling readers.
Webinar Video: How Read Naturally develops true reading fluency (446 Views)
Learn the difference between reading fluency and reading rate, the key components in fluency, and how the Read Naturally Strategy teaches these components.
Webcast Video: What we need to know about reading fluency (2367 Views)
Jan Hasbrouck, Ph.D., presents an overview of reading fluency, including a definition of fluency and current research on the importance of fluency, how to assess fluency, and how to teach fluency.

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SE v2 Teacher Responsibilities (discontinued)

These are the key tasks that teachers need to perform in order to ensure that their Read Naturally SE program is implemented successfully.

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