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Read Naturally Live Teacher Responsibilities

Read Live resources throughout the school year (1952 Views)
These resources will help you as you move through the phases of implementing the Read Live program with your students.

Maximizing Progress

Read Naturally Strategy Programs


Video: Read Live: Setting up an account (7303 Views)
This video demonstrates how the account administrator logs in to Read Live the first time, adds schools and staff members, imports student data, and allocates and distributes licenses to schools and staff members.
Video: Read Live: Importing student data into a new account (2384 Views)
This video explains how account administrators can import data for multiple students at the same time by creating and then importing a CSV file into a new account. In the demonstration, the data was exported from a student management system.
Video: Read Live: Updating student data by importing data (612 Views)
This video explains how account administrators can update student data at the beginning of a school year by exporting data from a student management system and then importing it into an existing Read Live account.

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Webinar Video: Back to school with Read Live (889 Views)
Read Live teachers and administrators who have used Read Live in the past need to do some account maintenance at the beginning of a new school year.
Webcast Video: Read Naturally & Response to Intervention (1994 Views)
Learn how Read Naturally assessments provide the necessary data for decision-making in an RTI model, and how Read Naturally programs can be used as practice for students served in Tier 1 and as effective interventions with students served in Tier 2 and Tier 3 in an RTI model.

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