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Video: Conducting a one-minute timing (1633 Views)
This video explains how to conduct a one-minute timing to assess a student's reading fluency (words correct per minute).
Video: Word Warm-ups: Program overview (3080 Views)
This video provides an overview of Word Warm-ups, a supplemental program for students who need support in phonemic awareness and a systematic review of phonics skills. The activities help students build accuracy and automaticity in decoding.
Video: Word Warm-ups: Lesson overview (1322 Views)
This video describes the steps of the Word Warm-ups program and explains how the steps help students develop automatic decoding skills by using the research-based strategies of instruction and modeling, repeated reading, and progress monitoring.


Webinar Video: Components of a Multi-tiered System of Supports for reading (683 Views)
This webinar provides an overview of Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS), its components, and Read Naturally interventions that can be used in an MTSS framework.
Webinar Video: Teaching foundational reading skills (2832 Views)
Learn how you can accelerate student progress by using highly effective strategies to teach the foundational skills to developing and struggling readers.
Webinar Video: Word Warm-ups for mastery and automaticity in decoding (488 Views)
This webinar provides an overview of Word Warm-ups, a quick, timed, mostly independent program for developing mastery and automaticity in decoding skills.

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Word Warm-ups Teacher Responsibilities

These are the key tasks that teachers need to perform in order to ensure that their Word Warm-ups program is implemented successfully.

Word Warm-ups: Steps (528 Views)

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Word Warm-ups Step-by-Step Example

These pages provides an overview of Word Warm-ups and then walk you through sample lessons from the three Word Warm-ups levels.

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