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Read Naturally Encore Teacher Responsibilities

Encore resources throughout the school year (564 Views)
These resources will help you as you move through the phases of implementing the Encore program with your students.

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Video: Conducting a one-minute timing (1651 Views)
This video explains how to conduct a one-minute timing to assess a student's reading fluency (words correct per minute).
Video: Read Naturally ME/Encore: Placing a student (2205 Views)
This video explains how to place a student correctly in Read Naturally Masters Edition or Encore. When you place a student, you choose an instructional level, set a reading-rate goal, and choose a curriculum that is appropriate for him or her.
Video: Read Naturally ME/Encore: Working through a story (3797 Views)
This video explains the steps a student follows in a Read Naturally Masters Edition or Encore program. The core steps of the program implement the powerful strategies of teacher modeling, repeated reading, and progress monitoring to develop fluency. Other steps improve vocabulary and promote comprehension.

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Webinar Video: Components of a Multi-tiered System of Supports for reading (689 Views)
This webinar provides an overview of Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS), its components, and Read Naturally interventions that can be used in an MTSS framework.
Webinar Video: Developing fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension with Encore II (128 Views)
Learn how evidence-based practices in Encore II motivate striving learners to become successful, confident readers. Encore II uses printed materials with audio.
Webinar Video: Read Naturally Encore: Placing students in Encore II (43 Views)
By properly placing students, you can accelerate their achievement. Learn how to use the recently updated Encore II placement packet to maximize student success.

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