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Read Naturally Live Teacher Responsibilities

Read Live resources throughout the school year (2446 Views)
These resources will help you as you move through the phases of implementing the Read Live program with your students.

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Adapting Read Live in a Distance-Learning Model

Students work through many of the Read Live steps on their own, but some adaptations are necessary in a distance-learning model to enable teachers and students to collaborate remotely, such as for placement and the Pass step.

Overview of using Read Live in a distance-learning model (14628 Views)
This an overview of the considerations you should keep in mind when adapting Read Live for a distance-learning model.
Setting up Read Live (83 Views)
Setting up Read Live involves adding and licensing students, placing students, and training students.
Communicating with parents (1657 Views)
It’s important to communicate with parents about the programs their students are using. You may even be able to enlist parents to support students directly at home.

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Video: Orientation to Read Live (1125 Views)
This short video provides a quick introduction to Read Live. It shows how to log in, find your assigned role, navigate to key pages, filter lists to show just the students you want to work with, select students from a list, and how to access Help.
Video: Read Live: Setting up an account (8411 Views)
This video demonstrates how an account administrator logs in to Read Live the first time, adds and reserves licenses for schools, adds staff members, imports student data, and assigns licenses and lead teachers to students.
Video: Read Live: Importing student data into a new account (2715 Views)
This video explains how an account administrator or school coordinator can schedule an import of student data into a new Read Live account. In the demonstration, student data that was exported from a student management system into a CSV file is uploaded to Read Live, and the import is scheduled to run over night. An email notifies the person who scheduled the import when it has completed.

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Webinar Video: Using Read Live in a distance-learning model (6259 Views)
Learn how to adapt Read Naturally Live for distance learning so teachers, learners, and parents can take advantage of this online resource outside the classroom.
Webinar Video: School-to-home connection: parents as partners (482 Views)
With distance-learning requirements, parents can become partners in their students’ Read Naturally instruction so students can continue improving their reading proficiency.
Webinar Video: Read Naturally Live: Analyzing data in a distance-learning model (267 Views)
This webinar helps teachers find key metrics within the Read Live reports and make adjustments to enable maximum student gains in a distance-learning model.

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