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GATE for Phonics: Setting up a program


Setting up involves choosing a setting and gathering materials.


You can use GATE for Phonics in a variety of settings:

Classroom The classroom teacher or teacher-trained educational assistant uses GATE with a small group of up to six students.
Resource Room One to six students come to a resource room to work with a teacher on reading.
Extended Day Teachers or teacher-trained parents, community education staff, or other volunteers offer a GATE for Phonics class before or after school. One to six students work with an instructor at a time.


For the GATE for Phonics program, the following materials are required or recommended:

Teacher's Guide
The teacher's guide has two sections. The first section provides information about implementing the program and instructions for the lessons. The second section is a flip chart with lessons displayed for the students on one side and scripted instructions for the teacher on the opposite side.
Student Story Booklets
The student booklets are consumable books that students use for the steps they do on their own. The books include a pull-out sheet for each of the 24 stories in a level plus graphing sheets. Student use the story sheets to write a prediction, practice the story, answer questions, practice word lists, spell words, and write a retell.
Students use bar graphs to monitor their progress on each story. Graphing sheets are included in the student story books. The graphs help students see how much they improve between their cold and final timings. It also helps them see how their cold timings improve over time.
A digital timer with an auditory signal will help you accurately time students for the cold timings, practice timings, and final timings without watching a clock.

Order timers

Crayons or Colored Pencils
Students use crayons and/or colored pencils to mark the cold and final timing rates on the bar graphs. Although you can use any colors, we recommend using blue for the cold timing and red for the final (hot) timing.

Order graphing pencils


Please let us know what questions you have so we can assist. For Technical Support, please call us or submit a software support request.

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