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SE v2.0: Having students find answers to questions instead of guessing


In the Read Naturally Masters Edition and Encore, we recommend that, when students get comprehension questions wrong, they should go back into the story and underline the phrase or sentence that includes or suggests the correct answer. In the Software Edition, the four multiple choice questions are automatically scored. If a student gets the question wrong, the same question is presented to the student until he or she answers it correctly.

If a student is haphazard in answering the questions, you might consider incentives for a student to answer the questions correctly on the first attempt. If a pattern of missing a particular type of question develops, you should teach the student strategies for dealing with the main idea, literal, vocabulary, or inferential questions.

If a student continues to have difficulty getting the four multiple-choice questions correct in the Software Edition, you can hold the student accountable and improve his or her comprehension by using the following procedure, which is comparable to how we recommend handling missed multiple-choice questions in the Masters Edition or Encore:

  1. Administer the pass timing step. If the student reaches the goal, has three or fewer errors, reads with good expression and has answered the open-ended questions correctly, click Next to proceed to the Congratulations screen.
  2. From the Congratulations screen, click the Results button to display the student’s results screen. On this screen, the comprehension questions that the student missed on his or her first attempt are marked with an X.
  3. If the student missed one or more comprehension questions the teacher can print the story and the questions. (Choose Print from the File menu.)
    Note: The printout for multiple choice questions identifies the correct answer with an asterisk and the student’s first attempt answer with an underline.
  4. For the questions that the student answered incorrectly on the first attempt, the student should review the printed copy of the story and underline the phrase or sentence where the correct answer is found or suggested.
  5. Before a student can proceed to a new story, the student must show the teacher that he or she underlined the correct answers in the printed copy of the story.

The teacher could also have the text of the passages and questions printed when the student starts a passage if the teacher anticipates that a student will have difficulty with the comprehension questions.


Please let us know what questions you have so we can assist. For Technical Support, please call us or submit a software support request.

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