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SE v2.0: Administering pass timing


When the "Ready to Pass" message displays, you can administer pass timing by completing the following steps:

  1. If the student is in the middle of a practice timing, click the Stop icon to stop timing.
  2. To enable the students to begin pass timing, the teacher clicks Pass in the lower right corner, enters his or her password, and clicks OK.
  3. The students click Start when they are ready to start reading.
  4. As the students read, the teacher listens and counts the number of errors they make. (See the guidelines for counting errors for more information.)
  5. If the students finish the story, they should click the Finished button. If students are set up for whole-story timing, they must click Finished to stop the timing.
    If the students are set up for one- or two-minute timings, a bell sounds when the time is up. Students should click the last word they read when the bell sounded.
  6. The teacher enters the number of errors the student made, rates the student's expression, and then clicks Next. (See the guidelines for rating expression for more information.)
  7. The teacher reviews the student's answers to the open-ended questions, indicates whether the answers are correct (Yes or No), and then clicks Next.
    • Use the answers in the back of the SE Teacher's Guide to evaluate the student's answers.
    • Students must change their answers for the open-ended questions if teachers determine they are incorrect.
  8. SE shows a summary of the pass results. In order to pass the students must meet these criteria:
    • They must meet their goal (words correct per minute).
    • They cannot have more than three reading errors.
    • They must read with good expression (a rating of 2 or higher).
    • They must answer all of the questions correctly.
  9. After reviewing the pass summary, the teacher can click Change Scores if he or she needs to change the number of errors, expression rating, or evaluation of the short-answer questions.
  10. The teacher clicks Next when ready to continue.
  11. If the student did not pass, SE shows the pass requirements results. Red stars mark the requirements that the student met. SE lets the teacher decide how to proceed.
  12. When the student passes, SE displays a Congratulations screen with a pass graph.

Please let us know what questions you have so we can assist. For Technical Support, please call us or submit a software support request.

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