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Take Aim Small-Group Format: Classroom instruction, intervention, or enrichment


Take Aim! at Vocabulary — Small-Group Format provides vocabulary development for all students as well as a standard protocol intervention to address the needs of small groups of students whose scores on high-stakes assessments indicate weakness in vocabulary.

Depending on the reading levels of students and the instructional model selected by the teacher, Take Aim! at Vocabulary – Small-Group Format meets the needs of a wide range of students.

Take Aim can be presented as:

  • An enrichment program to higher achieving students to challenge them as they continue to develop vocabulary (Goldenrod—3rd grade, Indigo—4th grade).
  • General classroom vocabulary instruction to students in the targeted grade levels (Goldenrod—grades 4-6, Indigo—grades 5-6).
  • A standard protocol intervention to older students (Goldenrod—grades 5-12, Indigo—grades 6-12).
Suggested Guidelines for Determining Take Aim Level
Type of Instruction Students' Reading Level
Grade 3 Grade 4 Grade 5 Grade 6 Grades 7–12
Enrichment Goldenrod Indigo  
Classroom Instruction   Goldenrod Goldenrod or Indigo  
Intervention   Goldenrod Goldenrod or Indigo

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