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Read Naturally Live: Communicating with parents and guardians


​To promote support at home, use the letters, certificates, and printed stories that are available in Read Naturally Live to introduce the program to parents and guardians, and keep them involved in the learning process.

The following table describes the documents that are available in Read Naturally Live for communicating with parents/guardians. For instructions for printing these documents, see the Read Live User Guide.

Document for Communicating With Parents/ Guardians How Used
Welcome Letters When a student begins working in Read Naturally, it is helpful to send home a letter to his or her parents/guardians that explains the strategy so that parents are involved from the beginning.
Progress Letters If a student is making fluency gains, it is important to communicate this success with both the student and the student's parents/guardians. Sharing this success can be very motivating for the student. Read Naturally Live includes a progress letter that you can send to parents/guardians to inform them of the progress their children have made in the Read Naturally program.
Award for Most Recently Completed Story Print a certificate to reward a student's progress on one specific story.
Work in Level Award You can print a certificate acknowledging that a student has completed a set of stories. After a student passes 12 stories in a level, you may want to print copies of the stories, attach the award as a cover letter, and ask the student to take the booklet of stories home to read and discuss with his or her parents/guardians.
Packet of Stories You may wish to print a packet of stories to send home with a student when he or she finishes a set so that the student can read them to a parent or guardian.
If a student is not making gains

If a student is not making the gains you expect while working in Read Naturally, try enlisting the help of parents/guardians:

  • Call the student's parent/guardian to discuss the lack of progress. They may have information to help you better understand the student. They may also be willing to work with the student at home.
  • Make suggestions to parents/guardians about how they can work on fluency with their child at home. For example, they may be interested in purchasing Read Naturally's home product, One Minute Reader (available as as an iPad app and as printed stories with audio support), or your school could set up a One Minute Reader school-to-home program to enable students to get more fluency practice at home.
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