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Read Naturally SE v2.1: Placing students


pointer See also: Placing Students in Read Naturally Strategy Programs


Proper placement is critical to student success.  The student should be challenged, but not frustrated by the level of text difficulty.  The student should be able to reach the goal—not easily, but with effort.  This ongoing “tension” (reading challenging material and working toward a goal that requires effort) will maximize the student’s achievement.

By following the process provided in Read Naturally SE v2.1 and then checking initial placement after the student completes three-to-six stories, you can provide each student with a reading level and a goal that are just beyond the student’s comfort level.  The student will not be frustrated, because the Read Naturally Strategy provides appropriate, flexible scaffolding as students complete the steps for each story.

The Read Naturally SE v2.1 placement program passages are representative of each Read Naturally level, and a student's performance on one or more passages is used to determine the appropriate level for the student.  Using any data other than a student’s fluency performance on Read Naturally placement passages may result in multiple trial and error attempts to discern the correct level and goal.


There are two parts to appropriate placement.

1.  Administer the Read Naturally SE v2.1 Placement Program

The Read Naturally SE v2.1 Placement Program guides you through several steps.

For more information about placing students:
pointer Read Naturally SE v2.1 Quick-Start Guide
pointer Read Naturally SE v2.1 Teacher's Guide

2.  Check Initial Placement

          After students have completed three to six stories generate a Needs At-a-Glance report to analyze the students' results. (See the section on Checking Initial Placement in SE.)


Read Naturally SE v2.1 includes a placement program that automates the process of determining what level and goal are appropriate for a student. The placement program's recommendations are only guidelines. You should select the goals and levels best suited for your students.

To place students using the SE v2.1 placement program, follow these steps:

  1. Log in with your teacher password. (Teacher assistants cannot place students.)
  2. Choose the Students tab.
  3. Select the student you want to place, and then click Place.
  4. Estimate the level at which the student is currently reading. You can base this estimate on test results, your own knowledge and experience, or a formal assessment tool, such as Read Naturally's Reading Fluency Benchmark Assessor. Select the placement testing level and click Next.
    If you have not purchased SE curriculum at the instructional level you selected, a warning is displayed. Click Yes to continue testing the student with the level your selected, or click No to select another level.
    A story at the level you selected opens.
  5. If desired, click the Reading Guide icon to turn the reading guide on or off. The reading guide can help the student follow along.
  6. When the student is ready to start reading, have him or her click Start.
  7. As the student reads, listen and silently count the number of errors he or she makes.
    pointer​ Guidelines for Counting Errors
  8. When the bell sounds, click the last word the student read.
  9. Enter the number of words the student missed, and then click Next. The placement program analyzes the results and either recommends a level and goal or recommends that you test the student at a higher or lower level.
  10. Depending upon the situation, take one of the following actions:
Situation Action
If the placement program recommends a level and goal... Choose Select Level/Curriculum and Goal, select a curriculum for the student, and then click Next. Curriculum you have not selected is dimmed.
If the placement program recommends testing the student at another level...

Choose Continue Testing and click Next to test the student with another story, and then repeat the process.

Continue to test the student at additional levels until the placement program recommends a level and a goal.

If you are transferring a student from another Read Naturally fluency program...
  1. Choose Manually Set Level and Goal and click Next.
  2. Enter the level and goal in the student options.
  3. Click Save.

Please let us know what questions you have so we can assist. For Technical Support, please call us or submit a software support request.

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