Using Read Live for Distance Learning


Webinar Video: Using Read Live in a distance-learning model


Presented August 26, 2020 by Ben Weisner, Senior Solutions Manager.

Many K-12 schools continue to depend on virtual schooling at the start of the new school year. Fortunately, Read Naturally provides an effective online learning resource that teachers, learners, and parents can take advantage of outside the classroom.

As a web-based program, Read Live is ideally suited for use in a distance-learning model. Teachers can set up Read Live so that students access their lessons from any iPad or computer. Students work through the independent steps of the program on their own and collaborate with a teacher (or parent) on the steps requiring teacher involvement. Together, the teacher and the student determine the combination that works best for each learner.

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Topics Covered
  • What's new in Read Live for the new school year that will make it even easier for teachers and students to use in a distance-learning model.
  • How to adjust Story Options to allow students to perform the Cold Timing step without a teacher being required.
  • How to use some of Read Live’s school-to-home connection tools.
  • Strategies for placing students when you are not in the same physical location as your students.
  • How to enter parents as Read Live Assistants, allowing them to conduct timings and other pass activities.
  • Strategies for completing Pass activities when you are not in the same physical location as your students.
  • Where to find free, valuable resources on the Read Naturally web site that you can use to improve your experience with the program.
Webinar Handout and Resources

pointer Slides for this webinar (with links to resources)
pointer Using Read Live in a distance-learning model: Step-by-step overview
pointer Read Live Help: An excellent and up-to-date compendium of useful resources for Read Live throughout the year.


57 minutes 

  • Read Live staff members
  • Anyone interested in learning more about how Read Live is used with students in a distance learning environment

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