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Webinar Video: Read Naturally Live—Beyond the basics: vocabulary


Presented Sept. 20, 2018 by Karen Hunter, Read Naturally Educational Consultant.

We want each student to read the stories in Read Naturally Live fluently. But reading accurately and at an appropriate rate is not enough. Comprehension is the essence of reading! And, we know that vocabulary impacts a student’s ability to comprehend.

Vocabulary is intentionally emphasized throughout the steps of Read Naturally Live, and students must read for meaning to meet requirements for passing each story. By understanding how to make adjustments for specific students, you can maximize your students’ vocabulary development and strengthen their comprehension.

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Resources for This Webinar

pointer Slides for this webinar​
pointer A Teacher’s Strategy for Teaching the Comprehension Questions
pointer Crossword puzzles (all levels of the Sequenced, Phonics, Idioms series)
pointer Comparison questions (Sequenced levels 5.6, 6.0, 7.0, and 8.0)
pointer Blog: One Question at a Time
pointer Blog: Demonstration Lesson for Teaching Vocabulary Questions (#3 & #6)

Topics Covered
  • How Read Naturally Live promotes vocabulary development and strengthens comprehension
  • How to differentiate instruction by customizing the story options and directions for specific students or groups
  • How to teach students specific strategies for answering the vocabulary questions correctly on the first attempt
  • How to use some tips and ideas to promote vocabulary development
  • How to access additional resources on the Read Naturally website

30 minutes

  • Classroom teachers
  • Reading specialists
  • Title I teachers
  • Special education and RTI teachers
  • Curriculum specialists
  • Paraprofessionals

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