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  1. Product Warranty and Return Policies
  2. Terms of Use

1. Product Warranty and Return Policies

Defective or Damaged Audio CDs or Cassettes

Read Naturally's policy for replacing cassettes and audio CDs differs depending on whether the original audio CD or cassette you received from Read Naturally is defective or whether you or a student damaged the audio CD or cassette and would like a replacement.

Defective Audio CDs/Cassettes If an audio CD or cassette is defective when you receive it, you can return it to Read Naturally for a replacement. Mail the defective audio CD or cassette with a return address and description of the problem to: Read Naturally, 1284 Corporate Center Drive, Suite 600, Saint Paul, MN 55121
Damaged Audio CDs/Cassettes

If you or a student lost or damaged an audio CD or cassette, and you would like a replacement from Read Naturally, send a check or a purchase order number to Read Naturally or order it online. Be sure to specify both the level and the story numbers for each audio CD or cassette.

  • Order replacement audio CDs online
  • Order replacement cassettes online

Cassette or Audio CD Albums

The audio CD and cassette albums are guaranteed for one year. If they are defective within the first year of use, contact Read Naturally and we will send you a replacement. If an audio CD or cassette album is worn out after one year's use, you can purchase a new one (with or without labels) from Read Naturally.

  • Order replacement audio CD albums WITH labels
  • Order replacement audio CD albums WITHOUT labels
  • Order replacement audio cassette albums WITH labels
  • Order replacement audio cassette albums WITHOUT labels


If you receive a timer that is defective, return it to Read Naturally within one year of purchase, and we will send a replacement.

Califone Products

The Califone #3132AV cassette player/recorder, #3112AV cassette player, #2924AV mono headphones, and #2924AVPS stereo headphones have one-year warranties. If you have a problem with your Califone cassette players, headphones, or personal CD players, call Califone at 1-800-722-0500. You should have the model and serial number ready when you call.


You may return software CDs to Read Naturally only if the package of software CDs is unopened. Read Naturally does not accept returns of software if the seal on the CD package is broken.

2. Terms of Use

Read Naturally materials are protected by United States and international copyright laws. You may not copy, reproduce, distribute, republish, or modify in any way any materials produced by Read Naturally, Inc., except as explicitly stated below:

Blackline Masters

Individuals may reproduce, for their own use, printed materials designated by Read Naturally as blackline masters. Such materials include the placement packet stories; Read Naturally Masters Edition stories, graphs, letters, and award certificates; crossword puzzle books; Reading Fluency Benchmark Assessor passages; Reading Fluency Progress Monitor passages; Word Warm-ups exercises; Take Aim! at Vocabulary student materials, Quick Phonics Screener examiner scoring sheets; Signs for Sounds lessons; and portions of the video workshop study guides. Each teacher or instructor must possess his or her own blackline masters for his or her own use. School-wide copying or reproduction of blackline masters is prohibited.

Audio CDs, Cassettes, DVDs, and Software CDs

You may not copy or reproduce in any way or for any purpose the audio CDs, cassettes, DVDs, or software CDs produced by Read Naturally, Inc. If a CD or cassette is defective or damaged, Read Naturally will replace it as described on the Product Warranty and Return Policies above.

GATE and One Minute Reader Materials

Read Naturally Group and Tutoring Edition (GATE) student books and all One Minute Reader printed materials are consumable and are for one-time use only. You may not copy, reproduce, or transmit them in any way or for any purpose.

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