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Video: Introducing Read Live (1206 Views)
This video provides an overview of Read Live, a comprehensive, research-based program that includes Benchmark Assessor Live for screening students for overall reading proficiency, and our newest intervention program, Read Naturally Live, with curriculum that supports fluency, vocabulary, comprehension, and phonics.
Video: Setting Up a Read Live Account (324 Views)
This video demonstrates how the account administrator logs in to Read Live the first time, adds schools and staff members, imports student data, and allocates and distributes licenses to schools and staff members.
Video: Options for Students Who Do Not Pass a Story in Read Naturally Live (171 Views)
If a student does not meet all of the criteria for passing a story in Read Naturally Live, the software presents a number of options the teacher may choose for that student. This video explores what steps to take when a student does not pass.

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