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How to import SE v1.6 data into SE v2.0


The SE 2 database utilities will import your SE v1.6 data into SE v2.0, as long as the SE v2.0 database does not include any teachers, classes, or students. To make sure the import process is successful, you should follow these detailed instructions:

Before You Begin...

Before you can use the database utilities to import 1.6 data, you must have completed the following tasks:

  • Please make sure you are running Read Naturally SE 1.5 or higher before importing your data into Read Naturally SE 2. If you do not have Read Naturally SE 1.5, please go to SE v1.6 Update page download the file for your operating system, and follow the installation instructions. This will update your software to version SE 1.6.1. To find your current software version, open Student Stories and then select About Read Naturally from the RN Help Menu.
  • You must run the SE 1.6 Data Repair Utility before importing your SE 1.6 data into SE 2. Please go to SE v1.6 Utilities page and download and install RNData_RepairMac.sit.bin for Mac OS or RNData_RepairWIN_dnload.exe for Windows operating system. Follow the onscreen instructions.
  • You must install the SE version 2.0 software as described in the SE Software Guide. For network installations, you must install the server components on a server as well as the client software on at least one workstation.
  • You must log in to Teacher Management with the default password (rnse) and set up the information on the School tab (school name, district name/number, and administrator password). The administrator password you set up here is the password you will use to log in to the database utilities.

Note: You do not need to uninstall Read Naturally SE 1.6

  1. Before importing the SE 1.6 data into SE 2, manually make a backup copy of the Read Naturally SE 1.6 Data folder to another location. The two locations of the original Data folder varies by operating system and installation type as follows:
    Installation Type Location of the Data Folder
    Windows Stand-Alone \Program Files\Read Naturally
    Mac OS 9 Stand-Alone Hard Drive/Applications (Mac OS 9)/Read Naturally
    Windows Network Server\Shared Folder Name\RN Server
    Mac OS X Network Server/Applications/Shared Folder Name/RN Server
  2. After you have installed the server component of Read Naturally SE 2 there should be an application named rnse_DBUtilities in the location specified below. If you do not see this file, download and install the 2.0.3 update from SE v2.0.3 Update page. The exact locations for the rnse_DBUtilities on Mac OS X and Windows operating systems are shown below:
    Operating System Location of the rnse_DBUtilities Application
    Mac OS X Network Hard Drive/Library/RNSEServer
    Windows Network \Program Files\RNSEServer\RNSEServer
    Mac OS 9 Stand Alone Hard Drive/Applications (Mac OS 9)/Read Naturally SE 2
    Mac OS X Stand Alone Hard Drive/Applications/Read Naturally SE 2
    Windows Stand Alone \Program Files\Read Naturally SE 2

    Double-click rnse_DBUtilities to launch the application, enter the Read Naturally Administrator password, and click OK. If you are using Mac OS X, you will then be prompted for an administrator password. Enter your Mac OS X administrator password, not your Read Naturally administrator password. If prompted to fix the database, click Yes and then click OK when the fix is complete.

    Note: In order to import SE 1.6 data into SE 2, the SE 2 database must not contain any teachers, classes, or students. The import process does not affect the information on the School tab in SE 2 Teacher Management (school name, district name/number, and administrator password). If the SE 2 database does contain teachers, classes, or students, you can remove them by restoring an empty database from the Backup/Restore tab of the SE Database Utilities. For more information, please refer to the SE Database Utilities instructions for "Restoring an Empty Database."

  3. To import SE 1.6 data into SE 2, perform these steps:
    1. Click the Import Data tab, and then click the Import Data button.
    2. Click the Select data folder button.
    3. Locate the folder containing your SE version 1.6 data. The following table indicates where the Data folder is located for different types of installations:
      For this type of installation... The Data folder is generally in this location:
      Windows Stand-Alone \Program Files\Read Naturally\Data\
      Mac OS 9 Stand-Alone /Applications (Mac OS 9)/Read Naturally/Data/
      Network (all platforms) \RN Server\Data\ on the network server
    4. Select the Data folder and click OK (Windows) or Choose (Mac).
    5. Click Import Data.

      Note: Read Naturally SE automatically creates a backup file of the current data before importing the new data. That way you can restore the original data if there is a problem during the import.

    6. Specify a location (folder) for the backup file and click OK.
    7. When the import is finished, click OK.

The students’ Level and Goal fields in Story Options will be blank in Read Naturally 2.0 after you have imported the Read Naturally SE 1.6 data. To print out a Levels Report with the students’ level and goal, please log into the Read Naturally SE 1.6 Teacher Management program. Select Teachers, click the Scores and Reports button, and then choose the Level Report. You will need to perform these steps for each individual teacher. The Levels Report lists the students’ current levels and goals which you will need to enter into Read Naturally SE 2 after importing SE 1.6 data.

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Please let us know what questions you have so we can assist. For Technical Support, please call us or submit a software support request.

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