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Webcast Video: What We Need to Know About Reading Fluency (827 Views)
Jan Hasbrouck, Ph.D., presents an overview of reading fluency, including a definition of fluency and current research on the importance of fluency, how to assess fluency, and how to teach fluency.
Webcast Video: Read Naturally Strategy (805 Views)
Get an overview of the research-based Read Naturally Strategy, and learn how students and teachers use the program.
Webcast Video: Word Warm-ups Overview (258 Views)
Learn how Word Warm-ups supports the continued reading development of students. Word Warm-ups is a quick, timed, independent phonics program for developing mastery and automaticity in the decoding of words with common phonics patterns.
Webcast Video: Take Aim! at Vocabulary Overview (216 Views)
Learn how Take Aim! at Vocabulary supports the word-learning development of students. You will learn the benefits of Take Aim, which is a vocabulary program designed to increase the word knowledge of students who read at a fourth-grade level or higher.
Webcast Video: Read Naturally SE Overview (240 Views)
Watch this demonstration of Read Naturally Software Edition (SE) and learn how students and teachers use the program.
Webcast Video: Using RTI Data for Effective Decision-Making (161 Views)
Jan Hasbrouck, Ph.D., discusses the importance of collecting data, especially in a Response to Intervention (RTI) framework. She explains how to use reading assessments effectively and efficiently, and how to use the data to inform decisions about student instruction.
Webcast Video: Read Naturally & RTI (Response to Intervention) (454 Views)
Learn how Read Naturally assessments provide the necessary data for decision-making in an RTI model, and how Read Naturally programs can be used as practice for students served in Tier 1 and as effective interventions with students served in Tier 2 and Tier 3 in an RTI model.
Webcast Video: Reading Naturally's Assessments—RFBA and RFPM (740 Views)
Learn how benchmark assessments and progress monitoring assessments support the continued reading assessment and development of students. Benchmark assessments (e.g., Reading Fluency Benchmark Assessor, Benchmark Assessor Live) are used to measure students' fluency quickly and accurately three times per year, and progress monitoring assessments (e.g., Reading Fluency Progress Monitor) are used for more frequent progress monitoring for students receiving intervention.
Webcast Video: One Minute Reader Overview (199 Views)
Learn how One Minute Reader supports the continued reading development of students. You will learn the benefits of this powerful program, which is designed for extra reading practice at home and is based on the powerful Read Naturally Strategy.
Webcast Video: Read Naturally Strategy Case Study—Fergus Falls (MN) Public Schools (217 Views)
Learn how Read Naturally is used in a school district in central Minnesota. This is a special presentation by John Helland, K-12 Reading/Language Arts Coordinator for the Fergus Falls, MN public schools.

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