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Hasbrouck-Tindal table of oral reading fluency norms (15952 Views)
How To: Read Naturally Strategy Programs
Video: Introducing Read Live (5605 Views)
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Read Live Quick Start Guide - download (188.63 kB) (3422 Views)
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Setting up your Read Live account (3260 Views)
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Funēmics Sampler - download (3.01 MB) (3161 Views)
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Read Live User Guide - download (1.52 MB) (3137 Views)
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Placing students with the placement packet (2756 Views)
How To: Encore Teacher Responsibilities
RN Encore/Masters Edition Placement Packet - download (1.39 MB) (2641 Views)
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Quick Phonics Screener Example - download (117.65 kB) (2598 Views)
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Determining who needs fluency instruction (2519 Views)
How To: Read Naturally Strategy Programs
Prediction and Retell Steps (2229 Views)
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Read Naturally Software Edition v2.1.4 Update (1971 Views)
Software/Downloads: Read Naturally SE v2.1
Word Warm-ups 1 Student Assessment - download (104.09 kB) (1955 Views)
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Read Naturally Live Steps - download (18.3 kB) (1935 Views)
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Signs for Sounds Level 1 Sample - download (722.55 kB) (1864 Views)
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Read Naturally Rationale & Research - download (1.15 MB) (1651 Views)
Documents/Resources: Research
Video: One Minute Reader app (1551 Views)
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Video: Setting up a Read Live account (1496 Views)
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Read Naturally Training

To help you grow as an educator and make the most of Read Naturally programs, we offer a range of professional development options. 


Please let us know what questions you have so we can assist. For Technical Support, please call us or submit a software support request.

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